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Due the important role of vocational and technical education and training in bridging the gap between the outcomes of education and the actual needs of the current job market, the idea of establishing Nablus University for Vocational and Technical Education (NUVTE) evolved not to be the 20th Palestinian university, but rather to be the First of its kind in the field of technology and professionalism. following the principle of “Learning by Doing”, our university will target the competencies and skills of its graduates by providing distinguished education and intensive high-quality training.

We aspire for a technical university that redefines the standardized Palestinian classification of vocational and professional qualifications, and acts as center for national vocational and technical examinations for trainers, supervisors, and professionals, determining their classification on the scale of professionalism, and granting them the necessary certificates.

With Godspeed,

Establishment and Affiliation

Due to the significance of vocational and technical education, and in line with the global orientation towards technical specializations, the idea to establish Nablus University for vocational and Technical Education emerged in 2021 within the vision of the current Palestinian government to create a technical academic institution that offers distinguished and accessible education based on the philosophy of skills & competencies to meet the needs of the job market and maximize the utilization of Palestinian human capital. Through 5 colleges that offer qualitative technical training programs and specializations in three levels: Vocational, Technical (Diploma), and specialist (Bachelor degree). In addition to the Higher Education Programs that promote practical implementation and problem-solving skills. The University Includes a variety of vital facilities to promote the students’ life and polish their skills through the various sport and cultural activity centres. All in an integrated environment intended to reflect the technical particularity of the university, with modern buildings, labs, and workshops designed in line with advanced engineering standards and the parameters of green buildings relying on eco-friendly renewable energy, to be the first of its kind in the country, and extending over 140 dunums in the Eastern Region of Nablus. Nablus University for Vocational And Technical Education.. Leading the development in the vocational and technical education with the promise of a better tomorrow.


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Throughout students' academic journey, Nablus University provides a range of scientific undergraduate programs, fostering a research-driven and creatively stimulating environment aligned with global standards and the demands of the job market


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The university aims to create a secure and health-conscious academic setting for students, faculty, and visitors, offering a variety of well-appointed facilities and services

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The university warmly welcomes guests and visitors from international, Arab, and local delegations, as well as universities along with their faculty and students. Additionally, it embraces visits from school students from across Palestine

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